1-888-COLD AIR

We've had 1- 800-COLD AIR for many years and also recently licensed 1-888-COLD AIR from Tele-Name… we use both numbers to give customers something easy to remember and always advertise them in every commercial we do. We love it because when somebody's AC does break they may not remember our name but they remember 1-888-COLD AIR. It's top of mind awareness."

Keith Walker - COO,

Conditioned Air Corporation of Naples


In 2007 I was in Long Island New York and I would always hear a commercial on the radio for a bartending school it said to call 1-800-Bartend. I could never get it out of my head. One day I ran across the owner of 1-800-Bartend and he told me to call Joe Lenberg and I got the number 1-800-Tinting for my window tinting business. It was the best marketing decision I ever made. I've used the number in a few different marketing areas and its great. People driving in their car see the number 1-800-Tinting on my truck and they don't even need to right it down. I've had people call me who remembered seeing me in traffic a year prior to calling me for tinting jobs; and past customers just tell their friends to call 1-800-Tinting for window tint. It's helped boost my revenue by far. Thanks Joe"

Kevin Boles - Owner,

Window Tinting, Port St. Lucie FL.


We placed our Tele-Name number 1-800-IMPORTS in all of our ads and on the front of our building for drive-by viewing. This type of exposure has promoted an average of 75 calls per month from mostly new customers. Thanks, Tele-Name!

Edward Nemphos - President,

Brentwood Automotive


Because my store, Tessuto Menswear, is located on Main street in Sommerville, I wanted to try to take advantage of the high traffic area by making it simple for people to call me without having to write my number down. In 2004 I dialed 1-800-Menswear and spoke with the CEO of Telename Dave Ashley and found that I could own the rights to 1-800-Menswear for all of NJ. I locked it up 6 years ago, immediately put the number on my awning facing the street, on our postcard mailers and all newspaper or magazine ads. We began getting calls in about a month and within 2 years the number alone led me to open a second business of a full service tailor shop because it seemed that everyone knew the number 1-800-Menswear. I've since added the number for NYC as well.

Ernst Michel - Owner,

Tessuto Menswear, Sommerville New Jersey


The purpose of this is to tell you how pleased we are with our vanity toll free number 888-BARGAIN. We are an extreme-value grocery company with 130+ locations. Our last number was difficult to identify with our brand. Having 888-BARGAIN keeps our value proposition top-of-mind for our customers and potential customers. Over time, it cements the identification of our brand with low prices, so when our customers are thinking about where to {get} the week's groceries without breaking the bank, we immediately come to mind.

It's also very easy to remember, which is a huge plus if a customer is on the go and doesn't have the time or inclination to look us up. They can dial, instantly connect, find their closest store, and go there. We've used our toll free number extensively, across print advertising, billboards, broadcast media, on our website and in social media. Please see our attached examples to see how Grocery Outlet has leveraged our vanity toll free number.

We highly recommend acquiring a vanity toll free number from Tele-Name. Their service has been attentive and efficient, and they went above and beyond with great custom programming for us at a very reasonable price. Our vanity toll free number has already helped grow sales and awareness of our brand and we are very satisfied with it and with Tele-Name.

Melissa Porter - VP of Marketing,

Grocery Outlet, Inc.

1-800-DAY CAMP

Due to the tremendous " amount of calls we have been receiving we are now known as 1-800-DAY CAMP instead of Young People's Day Camps… thank you for your help and assistance in making Young People's Day Camps the largest private day camp provider in the United States.

Howard Glauber - President,

Young People's Day Camps


Thanks so much all the assistance with our 1-888-Consult number.  As you know, we prominently display the number on our building just below our main signage.  Many, many people comment on the number and they remember it. The uniqueness allows them to easily remember, which would never happen with a standard phone number.

Gary M. Hazelton  - Owner,

Hazelton Injury Attorneys, Minnesota


Even before acquring "1-800-PRINTING," I already had certain expectations in how this number was going to help my business; but my expectations were greatly exceeded. Since I already had a product and service that I knew customers would be very satisfied with, it was just a matter of setting my business apart from the rest of my competitors. It was extremely easy to market this number to many different demographics. It is memorable and catchy and I was very successful in using it in various marketing strategies. Our sales have increased dramatically ever since obatining this number. My sales representatives always point out how much easier it has become to sell our products after the customers hear that their job will be done by "1-800-PRINTING." Thanks to this number, we are finally getting the recognition that our hard work deserves. I am looking forward to seeing how much further I can take my business, and because of this number I only see success on the horizon.

Eli Sadikov - President,


1-800-4 SIDING

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the service you provide our company. Our Tele-Name 800 number, 1-800-4-SIDING… gives us quick identity and easy of contact by our potential clients. We use this number in virtually all of our marketing efforts…to establish our 'identity' in the marketplace.

Reed Campbell - Director of Advertising & Marketing,

Amazing Siding Corporation


The 1-800-SHREDDING toll-free number has proven over and over to be a very useful tool in our marketing tool kit. We have been able to build our business over time utilizing the easy-to-remember vanity format with its ability to give our company instant credibility and overall marketability in ouradvertising campaigns. If it's a strong foundation to your company's marketing strategy that you are looking for, then a vanity number is your ultimate solution.

Tino Fluckiger - President & CEO,

1-800-SHREDDING, Inc.

1-800-COLD AIR

We have been using the vanity number, 1-800-Cold-Air, since October 1997. Our business market area covers 3 area codes, so the use of a toll free number prevents confusion in remembering our number and which area code we are in. Using 1-800-Cold-Air on our trucks, advertising and referrals generates 50% or our incoming calls for service. I think those results speaks volumes. We are very glad to be THE air conditioning company on the West Coast of Florida to own 1-800-Cold Air. We will NEVER give up the 1-800-Cold-Air number.

Jack Emrick - President,

Air Now


The 1-800-EYESIGHT vanity number has proven to be one of our biggest assets... on our billboards, brochures, website and most importantly our radio and television commercials. It is easy to remember and we believe it to be one of the main reasons our Center has had such a fabulous response.

Dennis Matzkin, M.D. - Medical Director,

Eye-Sight Laser Center, Atlanta Georgia

1-888-EYE CARE

Clarkson Eyecare is extremely pleased with the ease of using our vanity tollfree 1-888-Eyecare number. It is much easier to advertise one easy to remember number in all of our advertising, print, TV and radio verses listing local phone number for each office. I have been able to cut our yellow page costs by more than half! It is easily trackable with the monthly call reports showing calls from the six area codes we use 1-888-Eyecare. I am happy with the vanity number because it uncomplicates our advertising.

Tesha Peel - Advertising Manager,

Clarkson Eyecare


With number recognition, we began noticing a month-over-month increase in calls… the 1-800-SHREDDING number was very easy for the customer to remember, especially with vehicles moving by. It was a strategic move to own our marketing area.

David Sylvester - General Manager,

The DocuTeam, California


In Looking at the 1-800-Auto Rent we carry on our car license frames, and the 1-800-Truck Rent emblazoned on our vans and box trucks, I could not resist dropping you a line to tell you how we value our vanity numbers! These numbers are terrific merchandising tools, and after several years I would credit them for much of the continuing increase in our business. Here, from the trenches, we thought you'd like to have the good word!

Howard Kirmsse - President,

Champion Auto Rental & Cherry Hill Rent-A-Wreck


What better way to advertise 3M Window Films than 1-800-TINTING? There isn't one! I wanted a great vanity number as to take advantage of the 30,000 cars that pass by our Clark Rd location each day. NBI Suncontrol owns the 1-800-Tinting vanity number for the entire 941 area code. We have the number advertised on Business Cards, Flyers, Mailers, Magnetic Signs on our vehicles and our Big Yellow Flag outside the store. 1-800-Tinting is a Memorable number that anyone can remember and says exactly what we do - Tinting! There's a lot of businesses that offer tinting in this area, but we're the only one with 1-800-TINTING! Thanks for offering this to NBI Suncontrol first!

Angelo Ragone - Owner,

NBI Suncontrol


1-800-Shredding has been great; it enhances all of VANGEL Paper's marketing and advertising efforts.What simpler way to increase business than to have a roving billboard with an easy-to-remember 800 number? So many calls begin with "I saw your truck and…" Without having this easy to remember vanity number that would not be possible. Thanks Joe Lenberg and Tele-Name Communications!"

Valerie S. Androutsopoulos - Owner,

VANGEL Paper, Inc.


Just a note to let you know that our 1-800-Weight Loss number that you provide to us is an invaluable marketing tool. We use it in radio, television and billboard advertising and other applications when we want the number to be remembered. The vanity number supports our position as the leading weight loss provider in Southwest Florida.

Rex Niles - Owner,

Results Weight Loss, Inc.


William Cobbin, owner of the Cleveland Bartending School and Professional Bartending School, has had his business tele-name number 1-800-BARTEND for roughly 15 years now, and he couldn’t be happier with it.  When asked what impact it’s had on his business, William says that without a doubt it’s made a huge difference in the visibility and presence in terms of recognition with the public and its amazing staying power in their memory.  He went on to say that he feels positive about the ability to grow your business, charity, or organization through the use of tele-name numbers and would recommend them to anyone seeking a boost in their clientele base.


“Many years ago we ran a commercial that included a jingle that rhymed with our tele-name number that became very popular, and to this day I get folks approaching me to say they remember the jingle from back when they were a kid of maybe 13 who are adults now and that they predominantly remembered the ad for the number and its catchiness.  I couldn’t ask for better proof that my choice in getting a tele-name number for my business has been a sound business decisionthat worked out well.” William Cobbin, owner and operator of the Cleveland Bartending School and the Professional Bartending School


American Medical Supply Co., Inc.  1-800-Wheelchair

According to Joseph Piekarski, President of American Medical Supply Co., Inc., the decision to purchase a 1-800 tele-name phone number for his business has brought about the Trifecta of winning results he could have hoped for in his advertising pursuits.  He lists the advantages, as he sees them, as this:  Number One, it’s really memorable; Number Two, it tells folks exactly what they do; and Number Three, having a 1-800 gives a certain credibility to the business that he feels it would possibly be lacking without.  All of this from a simple business decision.


“People always tell me, ‘Hey, I remember you.  You’re the 1-800-Wheelchair guy,’ which I really can’t complain about.  Having a high profile and memorable phone number hasn’t hurt us.  If anything, I feel it’s given us the kind of credibility that comes with being a legitimate business by having a 1-800 number.  As far as I’m concerned, it’s been the Trifecta of business advertising for us.  People know who we are, they definitely remember us, and they know what we do, not to mention the credibility thing.  All in all, we’re very pleased with our decision to go this route,” Joseph Piekarski, President of American Medical Supply Co., Inc.


Clarkson EyeCare, Inc. 1-888-EYE-CARE

Clarkson EyeCare, Inc. is a leading provider in the field of eye care, and recently we were able to sit down with Bill Jehling, President and CEO of the company, to get his feedback on the amazing response they’ve seen as a result of enlisting the aid of a tele-name phone number in conjunction with their business.  He noted that each and every month they set a record for the number of calls made to their 1-888-EYE-CARE tele-name number and, as he put it, “It’s been a very good thing for us, and we’re very pleased with the results we’re getting.”


He went on to note that years ago they’d let their number slip and that a competitor had quickly snatched it up and that they weren’t likely to let that happen again.  He discussed the fact with us that the effectiveness of it in their advertising strategy was undeniable and they were aware of the difference it can make between using more traditional marketing methods such as, say, print advertising and the like, and that those older methods of marketing were not nearly as effective tools as the ease and simplicity of a tele-name phone number for your business.


Jack Emerick, President of Service Experts of Sarasota, Inc. 1-800-Cold Air

Recently we caught up with businessman and long-time tele-name customer Jack Emerick, President of Service Experts of Sarasota, Inc., to ask him what his thoughts were on his decision to use a tele-namephone number for his business, and he had quite a bit to say on the subject.  “Here in Florida, we have a lot of air conditioning businesses all competing for the same customer base, and you really need to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack if you want to stand out and get that leading edge. 


It’s a very competitive business here in the Sunshine State, and if you don’t have that edge, you can get lost in the pack.  We’ve had our 1-800-Cold Air number for at least 14 years now, and it’s been really beneficial to us in a lot of ways that I couldn’t have imagined before we went with it.  We noticed an immediate increase in our business.  The number’s easy to remember, catchy, and looks great on our trucks.  Moreover, we’ve come to realize that overall it’s a more effective marketing tool than all of our other advertising efforts combined, including our attempts at driving traffic through our website.”  Jack Emerick, President of Service Experts of Sarasota, Inc.


LoveTheRates.com 1-800-Insurance

At LoveTheRates.com, a small business owned and operated by Alston Balkcom, the first thing that comes to mind with his 1-800 tele-name business number is credibility.  “I feel that as a small, two-person business our 1-800-Insurance number gives us instant credibility and helps us to compete with larger companies.  We got our number when we first started out, so we really don’t have any statistical data to verify that it’s made a huge impact one way or another, but we do know that it’s easy to remember and that’s why people use it again and again and tell their friends.”


Instant recognition, easy to remember, and a high level of credibility are the attributes we hear time and again with small and large business owners alike that have made the move to smart marketing techniques through tele-name business numbers.  That, and the fact that it reinforces brand recognition with the public are enough to convince thousands of satisfied customers that it was one of the smartest business decisions they and their company could have made to stay competitive and ahead of the curve in their industry or field.  Choosing a 1-800 tele-name business number for your business can have the same results for you.


Peter Spirakis, Realtor 1-888-Realtor

It seems everyone has a slightly different reason for choosing a telename phone number for their business or organization.  In the case of Peter Spirakis, Realtor, he chose his 1-888-Realtor number mainly for branding purposes, and has turned out to be quite pleased with the decision.  “I’m a realtor, and I travel a lot,” says Peter,  “and it’s nice to have the number to be able to give out where it’s easy for people to memorize andthere’s no confusing it.  People automatically know what you do and what you’re all about.  I like that about it.”


Branding is obviously an integral part of marketing.  It’s no secret that the public gravitates towards brands they recognize, even if they have no prior experience with them.  It’s a name they’ve heard before, and therefore feels safe and trusted, instilling confidence in consumers and leading to increased traffic to your particular business or organization.  When asked if Peter felt his telename number had had a positive impact on his business, he went on to reply, “We use the number primarily as a branding tool, and we see it working quite well in our overall marketing strategy.  I think we’re on the right track with it, and we’re happy to have it.”