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If during the first 6 months of owning a tele-name-number you decide your advertising results were not improved, we will keep the number activated at no cost to you for an additional 6 months. We'll even reimburse you for the incoming call charges during that period.

Multi-Area Code Discounts

1 Area Code - 0%

2-3 Area Codes - 10%

4-5 Area Codes - 15%

6-10 Area Codes - 20%

11+ Area Codes - Call for Quote

Agreement Term Discounts

1 Year - 5%

2 Year - 10%

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Testimonials for 1-800-Tinting

In 2007 I was in Long Island New York and I would always hear a commercial on the radio for a bartending school it said to call 1-800-Bartend. I could never get it out of my head. One day I ran across the owner of 1-800-Bartend and he told me to call Joe Lenberg and I got the number 1-800-Tinting for my window tinting business. It was the best marketing decision I ever made. I’ve used the number in a few different marketing areas and its great. People driving in their car see the number 1-800-Tinting on my truck and they don’t even need to right it down. I’ve had people call me who remembered seeing me in traffic a year prior to calling me for tinting jobs; and past customers just tell their friends to call 1-800-Tinting for window tint. It’s helped boost my revenue by far. Thanks Joe.

Kevin Boles, owner
Window Tinting
South Carolina