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If during the first 6 months of owning a tele-name-number you decide your advertising results were not improved, we will keep the number activated at no cost to you for an additional 6 months. We'll even reimburse you for the incoming call charges during that period.

Multi-Area Code Discounts

1 Area Code - 0%

2-3 Area Codes - 10%

4-5 Area Codes - 15%

6-10 Area Codes - 20%

11+ Area Codes - Call for Quote

Agreement Term Discounts

1 Year - 5%

2 Year - 10%

1 800-Cold Air is Tele-Name's Premium Vanity number for AC Repair and AC sales. Companies in the air conditioning industry would have a tremendous asset by owning the Vanity number 1-800-Cold Air. Companies that use 1-800-Cold Air also membership to the website www.1800coldair.com

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Testimonials for 1-800-Cold Air

“We’ve had 1- 800-COLD AIR for many years and also recently licensed 1-888-COLD AIR from Tele-Name… we use both numbers to give customers something easy to remember and always advertise them in every commercial we do. We love it because when somebody’s AC does break they may not remember our name but they remember 1-888-COLD AIR. It’s top of mind awareness.”

Keith Walker, COO, Conditioned Air Corporation of Naples